Holiday in Paris ? Opt for a cooking class

The Authentic Parisian-Kitchen Cooking Class and Market Tour

Best culinary arts In France

To visit Paris is to visit the most enchanting city in Europe, and the most popular capital city worldwide. A myriad of sensations are offered by the vibrant city, from eminent French cuisine, to the consistent fragrance of freshly baked bread around every corner and down each laneway. Paris holds the remnants of French history, embodied in the majestic Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, and Notre-Dame cathedral, amongst many more. To truly embrace what Paris has to offer, however, requires more than merely visiting the city; it requires engagement with Parisian culture itself.

Authentic Parisian Culinary Experience

Paris is at the forefront of producing masters of French culinary delights, both savoury and sweet. Any tourist to Paris has the opportunity to attain an authentic French cooking class, which taught by experienced French chefs, who shall impart classic French culinary skills to perfection. All classes are taught in English, and hence, fluency in French is not a precondition. When combined with the market tour, a holidaymaker shall learn 3 renowned French dishes, which they can use to impress their friends and family back at home.

Parisian Market Tours

Paris holds the secret to delectable food, the ingredients. Fresh, organic, and succulent ingredients must be used, which impart their flavours into the main dish. A tour of the open-air Paris market is an indispensible experience, which provides a holidaymaker with comprehensive first-hand knowledge of French cooking, from raw ingredients to the final serving. A tour of the open-air markets also provides a holidaymaker with a range of stories regarding Parisian food and culture, which friends and family would love to hear.

Final Thoughts

The food tours in Paris have a total duration of 6 hours, which includes breaks, a 3-course French lunch, and begins in the traditional French style of coffee and a croissant. The Parisian culinary classes offer the opportunity to embrace the cornerstone of Paris and Parisian culture. Information regarding costs, availability, dates and times, and bookings can be found on