Holiday in Paris ? Opt for a cooking class

Discover the french pastry in Paris


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The best pastries are cooked in Paris. All kind of pastries are prepared in this city from the strawberries Romanov, whipped cream, millefeuille, to the croquembouche and any other one will want to discover while in Paris. There are so many hotels with different types of pastries that have made baking process dynamic. They prepare modern and outrageous pastries. The hotels are working on their pastries that their dessert experience is being appreciated by many. They are prepared by expert chefs who utilize their skills the best they can. They make sure the end results is the best and one can enjoy to the fullest.


The basic products used by chefs to prepare the pastries are flour, creams, sugar and flour. The best ones are those cooked in a systematic way and the right quantities used. Only a single bite will make one salivate. One should be able to differentiate the flavours those of fruits and nuts. To be able to discover all pastries made in Paris one should visit different hotels and experience the different tastes. After a while one will only be judging the pastry at a sight.


There are many pasties prepared in Paris filled with appetizing fillings. The fillings will add the ultimate taste one desires. The chocolate, vanilla and strawberry fillings bring a different experience every time one eats the pastries. Pastries that one should try while in Paris is Le citron Vert is a go to ,it looks like a fruit and is filled with lime marmalade and mousse. Plaisir Sucré this is another type that has appealing texture and is very sweet since it is made off milk chocolate and crunchy nuts .There are varieties that one should find out since this is the famous food in Paris.

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